Hot Tub Disposal

Disposal Services For Spas And Hot Tubs


Mass Hot Tub Moving is a service leader with the best spa and hot tub movers in Boston, MA. Disposing, dismantling, and moving different kinds of hot tubes from portable saunas to custom luxury spas.

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Hot Tub Disposal

How Our Boston Hot Tub Removal & Disposal


  • The hot tub is no longer working as it should
  • The spa heating system is faulty and unmanageable
  • There is a water flow problem
  • Upgrading to a newer spa or hot tub
  • The components of the hot tub have corroded


Whatever the reason is for having the spa or hot tub removed, Mass Hot Tub Moving offers fast and smooth pickup and disposal. Our hot tub removal service is a full-service which involves:

  • Preparation of the hot tub or spa

The first thing our skilled personnel and technicians will do is disconnect the electrical and plumbing system of the hot tub.


  • Removal of the item

Once the hot tub is safe to handle, we will carefully disassemble its parts and take the entire unit apart.


  • Cleanup of the area

Next, any debris or dirt from taking the unit apart will be vacuumed. Our team will not leave until the area where the hot tub used to be is clean.


  • Hauling away of the hot tub

Lastly, using our hot tub disposal truck, we will haul the hot tub parts and debris out of your property.

Our Hot Tub Disposal Or Removal Pricing

Mass Hot Tub Moving is proud to offer the best spa removal and disposal services in the area of Boston, MA. Most of all, we are glad to offer a fair hot tub removal cost for all of our customers.

As a local hot tub moving company, we are eager to help our clients with affordable, all-in-one hot tub removal and disposal services.

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How To Get Upfront Price From Mass Hot Tub Moving

Get an accurate removal and disposal cost before you book our services. At Mass Hot Tub Moving, we are excited to discuss your requirements and give a fair price for your needs.


It is easy to schedule a service with us!  

  • Walk-in

We are based in Boston, MA, if you are from the area, feel free to visit our office during working hours.


  • Call

You can also book by giving our office a call, and discussing with our knowledgeable staff what you need.


  • Message

Leaving us a message is also a great option. We often check inquiries submitted to us through the website and will get back to you promptly.


Communication is important to us, rest assured we will answer your inquiries about our service as quickly as possible.

Veteran Hot Tub Moving Company In Boston, Massachusetts

It is important that you hire a professional hot tub disposal company. Mass Hot Tub Moving is a seasoned company that consists of skilled technicians and contractors.


All of our employees-from admin staff to field workers- are dependable. We give our clients honest insights and pricing.

Customized Service

We understand that customers have unique needs. Our team is open to customizing services tol fit your requirements.


Our crew is dedicated to giving our clients the best hot tub disposal services around Boston.


When you book, we will begin examining your needs and discussing the best time and date to dispose of your spa..

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