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Delivering a hot tub is not a do-it-yourself job.  Save yourself the troubles and hassles of picking up a spa or hot tub. Mass Hot Tub Moving is the spa delivery company in Boston, MA that moves and delivers hot tubs and spas to take all of the hassle away from you, allowing you to relax from the moment you purchase the item to its installation.

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We are Boston’s highest rated hot tub delivery and installation company for one reason: excellent service.


Mass Hot Tub Moving strives to be better. We offer a one-of-a-kind hot tub moving service in Boston, MA. Put your trust on our team’s  years of expertise handling spas and hot tubs.

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Unparalleled Hot Tub Delivery Customer Care

At Mass Hot Tub Moving, we are proud to offer Boston’s best hot tub delivery service. We deliver hot tubs straight from the manufacturer, business, or home. Rest assured, the item will be delivered on time and set up correctly wherever it needs to be. 


Our hot tub moving services are carried out by professional hot tub movers and for a competitive price. To get an accurate hot tub delivery estimate, call our office now.


We transport spas and hot tubs using high-end hot tub equipment and secure it in a truck to insure it will not be damaged during transit.


  • We specialize in hot tub removal and delivery
  • We carry all kinds of spa and hot tubs with different features, sizes and weights
  • We use cutting-edge equipment and tools
  • We deliver on time
  • We are a trusted name; all of our employees and contractors have solid reputations
  • ,We will plan the best approach and time frame for delivery
  • We are open to communicate and will respond to your requests or inquiries as quickly as possible
  • We ensure special care is taken when moving the spa or hot tub
  • We are here to help you have a safe and reliable hot tub transport
  • We are committed to giving all our clients with fantastic experience 
  • We will carefully plan the best approach and arrange a time that is most convenient for our customers
  • We are not just another hot tub delivery company in Boston

Our goal is to satisfy our clients by providing unmatched delivery services. Our technicians and contractors are trained to perform the job no matter how large the item is or how challenging the task.

Relaxation awaits you. Take the next step to stress-free hot tub delivery by getting in touch with us.

Treat Yourself To A Seamless Delivery Experience

With over a hundred successful deliveries made in and around the Boston area, our expertise and skills are incomparable. As a spa delivery company, we promise outstanding service from the minute you sign up to our spa delivery and installation.

If you are looking for an organized service provider, leave us a message or call our office. A call to our office will allow you to get the full details about our hot tub moving services. 

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